Sue Brooksbank-Taylor – Chair

Sue first became involved with Emmaus in 2014 when she took on an Interim Community Director role at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire. After a year in that role she stepped down, before joining the community’s board in September 2015. Sue has spent her career working in housing and understands the challenges facing the sector. She joined the board of Emmaus UK in 2016.

Amanda Stekly – Vice Chair

Amanda has a background in media and commercial design and marketing. She has worked as an art director in various capacities and loves teaching throughout her career. She is inspired by both the principles of Emmaus and the companions at the community. She enjoys adding her skills and energy to the Emmaus day.

Katrina Mattock – Vice Chair

Katrina was formally appointed to the Emmaus UK Board at the 2019 AGM. Katrina joined Emmaus Leeds 11 years ago in order to use softer skills and experiences after previously working for 25 years in the finance world as a senior executive. During 39 years as a Samaritan volunteer, Katrina also undertook many roles at branch, regional and national level. Katrina’s ability to adapt her style in different situations and over the years has enabled her to build good relationships with people across the movement. Being a trustee of a Samaritan branch for 5 years in the late 1990’s also gained her a range of skills and abilities that give numerous insights to the challenges and rewards of running a community, within the unique and inspirational ethos and values of the Emmaus movement. Katrina brings the board knowledge gained from external sources and the experience of being part of and running an Emmaus community. Katrina is a direct and honest communicator, with a sense of humour, and not afraid to challenge or ask those difficult or ‘silly’ questions! Outside of work, Katrina enjoys visiting modern art exhibitions, walking, reading and spending time with good friends. Katrina also loves sharing time with her granddaughter and doing all those things ‘you can’ when you are with a 9-year-old!

David Cooper – Trustee

David Cooper was elected to the UK Board of Trustees in December 2012.  After a career in the nuclear power industry, he first became involved with Emmaus in 2007, when he attended a meeting of the group working to establish Emmaus Hastings & Rother. He became a trustee of Emmaus Hastings & Rother in 2008 and has been Chair since 2009.

Tony Ferrier – Trustee

A volunteer for Emmaus St Albans for almost a year before being appointed as Chief Executive in April 2011, Tony’s previous business background enabled him to drive increased revenues to self-sufficiency in the first year. Since then his community has doubled companion numbers from 17 to 34; increased solidarity activity (St Albans have won the John Thompson award 2 years running) and opened 4 additional stores, (now 6). Prior to this Tony had a long career in manufacturing; having played a key role in the company’s growth from a £1 to £90 million turnover. As Director of Manufacturing for Hozelock he had responsibility for strategic development and the running of two ‘world class’ 24/7 production facilities. In his final year, Hozelock won the ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ award for ‘Business Development and Change Management’ which Tony received from Andrew Marr. Tony was also a key volunteer fund raiser for Greenpeace during the mid 80s; he and a small volunteer team started, grew and managed several regional fundraising and awareness groups. Within 3 years they were area coordinators for 6 counties also hosting a high profile fundraising week-long event in the Albert Hall. He is also a keen cyclist and completed two 680km charity bike rides for Macmillan Cancer through China and Central America.

John Clark – Trustee

John joined the board of Emmaus UK in 2017 and is also a trustee of Emmaus Greenwich. A retired solicitor, John is motivated by helping those less fortunate than himself. As well as carrying out his trustee role at Emmaus Greenwich, he also volunteers as a van driver one day per week.

Pauline Curl – Trustee 

Pauline joined the board in November 2017 and is Operations Manager at Emmaus Village Carlton. Pauline joined Village Carlton over 6 years ago, bringing a wealth of business experience from the commercial sector at senior and board level. Emmaus was her first charity business environment and within months she felt that she could offer her varied commercial knowledge but also her genuine interest in helping people achieve as much as they were happy to take on. During the last six years she has seen great change at Village Carlton with the expansion of retail space and Companion accommodation. But what stands out is the change in Companions from being perhaps worried, shy or lacking in confidence to men and women who are able to manage the daily tasks required in the workplace and gain personal growth within the community as a means to independent living. She hopes by having the commercial knowledge from external sources and the experience of being part of a day to day community, she will have much to offer the board.

Kelly Finnis – Trustee 

Kelly joined the board in November 2017 and is Director at Emmaus Hull & East Riding. Kelly’s background includes a long spell in retail as a senior manager with a career move into welfare to work back in 2007 – 2009. She has worked in and amongst homelessness services within Hull.  During this time, she set up a training centre for those affected by homelessness and explored alternative solutions to addressing the lack of meaningful development for those within services. This is when Kelly became aware of Emmaus. She has experience and knowledge in securing commissioned homelessness services, and has been heavily involved at strategic levels of homelessness prevention initiatives in Hull with a track record of delivering high quality schemes. She is passionate about Restorative Practice and Principles and how these affect culture and organisation development. Ultimately, she cares, and although she didn’t start her career with homelessness in mind, she can certainly see the rest of her career being at the forefront of driving change and ensuring Emmaus both locally and nationally, gets the opportunities and recognition it deserves.

Geraldine Tsakirakis – Trustee

Geraldine joined the board in September 2017 and is Community Director at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire. She has been working as the Community Director at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire for nearly 2 years and spent the previous 4 years as Chair of the Board of Trustees. Geraldine has worked in the voluntary sector for the past 35 years and has operated at Management level for organisations working with the unemployed, homeless, refugees, people living in deprived areas and single parents. Before joining Emmaus as a paid employee, she had her own business as a consultant, providing business development support and help to secure funding.

Keith Jeffrey – Trustee

Keith joined the board in September 2017 as an independent member of the board. Keith works in the social enterprise sector, encouraging and supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Richard Paterson – Treasurer

Richard joined the Board in September 2019 as an independent member and became Treasurer in January 2020. Richard works in the charity sector and has extensive experience in financial and organisational management as well as managing growth. Richard also provides strategic financial and commercial advice to small and medium sized businesses and charities.