Emmaus Bradford has created a gift voucher scheme for local homeless people to use in their charity shop on Bank Street.

Each person can choose items of clothes and shoes they need and can also loan clothes to wear to job interviews. We’re providing books of gift vouchers to local homelessness charities, food banks, and agencies that work with homeless people in the district who are either street-sleeping or sofa-surfing.  

Organisations supporting homeless people can ask to join the free scheme by contacting emmausbradford@outlook.com and requesting a book of gift vouchers.  

Members of the public can support the scheme by donating to Emmaus Bradford or by donating good quality clothes, shoes, and coats to the Bank Street store in central Bradford.  

The initiative has been supported by The Brelms Trust, who supported Emmaus Bradford in 2021, allowing them to help 42 individuals with essential items needed to get by. They plan to double these efforts over the next six months.   

Elisa Rayner, Shop Manager at Emmaus Bradford Bank Street said: “The idea behind this voucher scheme is to give people choice and dignity, to choose the clothes they need right now, and to help people to be warm and comfortable. It also means people can borrow smart clothes to go to job interviews in which we hope will boost their confidence. We’re really thankful to The Brelms Trust for helping us get this initiative off the ground.” 

Graham Beattie, Community Support Manager at Emmaus Bradford’s new home for homeless people said: “Homelessness can happen to anyone for a range of reasons, and chances are you will know someone who has experienced homelessness in their lifetime. We’re working to provide long-term accommodation for homeless people by refurbishing a property in Undercliffe, but while we carry on with this, we want to try and make life more comfortable for people and help those who are trying to get a job and back into better circumstances.” 

The first Emmaus community opened in the UK in 1991 and has grown quickly into what will be 30 communities when Emmaus Bradford officially opens in 2023. 

Donate to support Emmaus Bradford’s work here.