It might seem daunting at first to come to a community where people are asked to share their space with others, but we do our very best to make you feel at home. Everyone coming to Emmaus Bradford has their own private room, access to a range of communal facilities, including a kitchen, dining room, lounge and garden. 

On moving in, we ask people to sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit, which is claimed by Emmaus to help support the community. All usual living expenses are covered. From the moment people walk through the door, everyone is part of our big Emmaus Bradford family. 

The community home is a safe place where people can take as much time as is needed to start building back from the past. People can stay for months or years, Emmaus Bradford really is a home for as long as is needed. A place to look forward to the future together with our support. 

A reason to get out of bed 

A reason to get out of bed 

Like any community, we ask everyone joining us to pitch in and commit to assisting in the shops, on the vans and around the home for a number of hours each week. With everyone doing their bit, our community thrives. From what people can give, we promise, you’ll get a lot back. 

When you join Emmaus Bradford, you’ll be known as one of our companions. A word that means ‘breaking bread together’ in Latin. So there will be plenty of invites to mealtimes in our communal area, social events and other opportunities to support health and wellbeing, as well as an expectation to look out for others. 

When surveyed, companions said routine, the opportunity to work and being part of a team were the most beneficial parts of their time at Emmaus. 

A reason to learn new skills 

Companions undertake training and development opportunities, such as health and safety, manual handling, first aid and food hygiene. Some people choose to train in PAT testing electrical items donated to the shops or in upcycling and restoring donations of furniture. 

There is also chance to apply for grants from the Emmaus UK Companion Training Fund to cover the cost of personal development courses, such as driving lessons, guitar courses and vocational training. 

We’ll be there every step of the way, when people are ready to develop skills or learn new ones. Perspectives change with the time and space to explore avenues that may not have been considered before. People will move on better equipped for a brighter future.

An offer of ongoing support

An offer of ongoing support

There are many reasons why people have become homeless, why you’ve been living in temporary accommodation, sofa surfing or sleeping rough. We understand no two people and no two circumstances are the same. So we tailor support to overcome any issues, at the right pace, to give individuals the support needed. 

Once companions feel ready to move on from Emmaus, we offer help to find a job and a place to live. When people leave the community, we continue to provide ongoing support. 

As one of the newest Emmaus communities, we are looking for people who want to work with us one step at a time to improve our corner of Yorkshire.  Apply today, to work with us, help find an end to homelessness and life live better. 

Apply to join today

Apply to join today

To apply to join or make a referral, please contact our Chief Executive, Darrel Tinsley or by calling 07784 355735.