If you have good quality furniture, bric-a-brac or household items that you no longer need, please donate them to Emmaus Mossley.

We are currently getting ready for large-scale improvements to our warehouse. In order to allow the works to commence, we urgently need to empty this space for the next few months and carefully manage the stock we hold. We currently have a backlog of collections booked in and are unable to accept new requests for collections at the present time.

We are looking to secure some temporary off-site storage to hold both donated items and sold items awaiting delivery. In the meantime, we still very much need drop-off donations of good-quality items. Before visiting to donate goods, please check which items we’re able to accept.

Thank you for your understanding and continued kind support.

Why donate to Emmaus Mossley?

Why donate to Emmaus Mossley?

One very important way in which you can help Emmaus Mossley is to donate goods which we can then sell. All the proceeds raised from your donated items will go directly to support formerly homeless people at the Emmaus Mossley community.

We rely on your continued support and kind donations to keep us going and always do our utmost to sell, recycle or otherwise get an income from everything you give us.

If you are donating furniture then please request and take the time to complete a Gift Aid form to increase the value of your donation.

Gift Aid info
What items can I donate? 

What items can I donate? 

We are happy to accept most household items but there are some exceptions for either legal or practical reasons. This includes soft furnishings without a fire label, safety items, baby equipment or any item that is not in a good, saleable condition. For a full list of items we can and cannot accept, please click the button below.

At the present time, we can only accept items brought to the Emmaus Mossley Secondhand Superstore. Follow the signs in the yard or speak to a member of our team to find out where to donate goods.

Items We Accept