Save the date and get involved in a big community lunch where everyone brings one dish or sweet treat to share. It’s a chance for you and fellow Emmaus supporters, companions, volunteers and the local community to get together to enjoy some tasty food, chat, relax and have some fun!

Back in early 2020, Emmaus Mossley teamed up with Eden Project Communities to see how The Big Lunch would work in a charity setting. It was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. So much so, we’ve been looking forward to hosting another one ever since.

Alongside The Big Jubilee Lunch, our on-site Lucie’s Café will continue serving your usual favourites. We’ll also have some inspiring reuse and upcycling ideas for those who are planning to host their own Big Jubilee Lunch.

This is a free event for everyone to attend – get involved, have a bite to eat and get chatting. All sorts of conversations, friendships, ideas and projects can take off, so why not come and give it a try? The Big Jubilee Lunch at Emmaus Mossley will take place on Wednesday 1 June from 12pm.

Get together and share

Every year, The Big Lunch brings millions of people together right across the UK to share friendship, food and fun. The idea is simple – everyone is invited, anyone can join in and whatever food people bring to the table is there to be shared.

In 2022, The Big Jubilee Lunch will be the official community celebration for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend and The Big Lunch will once again kick start a whole Month of Community. To find out more about The Big Lunch visit