My name is George, I’m aged 74 and I volunteer to do the portable appliance testing (PAT) at Emmaus Mossley.

I started volunteering with Emmaus back in 2019 and before that I volunteered for a local hospice for 15 years. After seeing the volunteer advert at Emmaus, I applied, had an interview and then I got started. I usually volunteer three or four days a week but occasionally I do more. I know I’m 74 but I still think I can do something good for people.

All the electrical items that get donated to Emmaus need to be safety tested before they go into the shop. Everything has to be checked and if we’re doubtful of anything, the item is scrapped or broken down for recycling. After being PAT tested, items that are safe are given a sticker to show they’ve been tested.

Emmaus is a smashing charity. The atmosphere and the people bring me the most satisfaction from volunteering. We have a good laugh and I like speaking to the companions. The staff and other volunteers are also very good and hard working. It helps me as well – it keeps me occupied and keeps me going. Instead of sitting at home it’s better to do something for somebody.

Volunteering with a fantastic team

Giving my time to Emmaus helps me personally because I don’t get time to get bored or fed up. I can come out in the morning and do something that I’ve done for quite a long time and I enjoy it. To see companions when they first come in and see how they progress is very satisfying. I’m fortunately married and have my own home so being able to help others is very good. If I can help Emmaus contribute to the development of their companions and their other good work, then I feel good. To be part of that is absolutely smashing.

My message to Emmaus supporters is don’t throw good items away. Give it to Emmaus because they’re doing such a good job for companions and for the area. You can help by donating your unwanted items and we can give them a second lease of life. These items are then sold in the shop to help fund the support for the community above.

I’d like to thank the people who’ve had faith in me to give me a chance. At least I’ve been able to help them and they’ve helped me. More so, they’ve helped me. It’s a fantastic team and I’m proud to be a part of it. There might come a time when I’ll have to say I can’t do it anymore but I hope it’s not going to be just yet.