We have recently purchased two new flats that will provide move-on accommodation for people who have experienced homelessness.

The new flats will provide an opportunity for individuals to progress to a more independent way of living and will allow the charity to help five more people to break the cycle of homelessness at any one time.

The neighboring two and three-bedroom flats are directly connected to our existing community building on Stanhope Road, South Shields. The majority of the funding to purchase the flats was provided by Emmaus UK.

The purchase of the new flats will enable us to support a total of 20 formerly homeless people (known as companions). Emmaus provides companions with a stable home, personal support and meaningful work for as long as they need it.

Companion Paul doing some DIY in the flats

Community Manager John Harrison said; “After picking up the keys, we got to work straight away on the renovation. Getting these flats fit for purpose has really been a tremendous communal effort from our existing companions. The companions understand that by helping to prepare the flats, they are helping to get five more people off the streets. We hope to have the flats ready and furnished by the end of July and we look forward to expanding our community.”

Paul is one of our existing companions at Emmaus North East who has been helping with the renovations and is set to move into the flats once they are ready. Paul said; “I am really looking forward to getting these flats ready for myself and other companions. It will allow people to move on from Emmaus by living a bit more independently but still being part of the bigger community.”

Amy, another companion who may decide to benefit from moving into the new accommodation, said; “These new flats are a great opportunity for companions. I am fairly new to the Emmaus community in South Shields but it’s great to know that moving into one of the flats could be an option for me when I am ready to move on from communal living. The flats are right next door to the community building so I don’t think you would ever feel isolated or too far away from everything.”

Companion Barry doing some paint work in the new flats.