Emmaus North East has taken in Marley, a one-year old Labrador/Jack Russell cross, through Sunderland based charity, Happier Days for Strays, giving her a home for as long as she needs it until a permanent placement can be found for her.

Rachel Eklund, Deputy Community Leader at Emmaus North East said: “Emmaus North East is a community where people are given a second chance, especially when a first one wasn’t even on the table, so it feels right that we give Marley that opportunity too. She is very much a community dog, with everyone doing their fair share to make sure she is well looked after, she isn’t short of a cuddle or two.”

“For many of the people we support who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion, mental health issues factor heavily. Marley is helping to relieve anxiety, stress and depression as well as increasing exercise. She has fitted in incredibly well to our family.”

Lee, 35, who experienced homelessness for a short while and is now being supported by Emmaus North East said: “Marley has a wonderful calming effect on the whole community. There are a few people being supported by Emmaus North East who have had painful experiences and Marley’s effect on them has been incredible. We all take responsibility for her welfare and can’t imagine her living anywhere else but here.”

Wendy Roke, Rehoming Coordinator at Happier Days for Strays said: “Fostering a dog is a great opportunity for the pet to have a loving home, especially if their owner wants them back but can’t have them at the time due to personal circumstances. Marley came to us more than three weeks ago as her family couldn’t cope with her, and it is great that we managed to place her so quickly with Emmaus North East. She’s clearly very well looked after and is enjoying her time there before she finds her forever home.”

Marley will be writing a blog once a week about her experience at Emmaus North East. To read her latest entry, visit the Emmaus North East website.