An exhibition of iconic photographs, recreated by Rory Carnegie and artists who have experienced homelessness is currrently on display in Oxford. We’re proud that Emmaus Oxford companion Gavin appears in a number of these photos.

ICON is the culmination of a project which explores what makes an image iconic. The group selected some iconic photographs and went on to relocate them in 2019, studying composition, lighting, costumes and props. ICON asks you to re-examine these images, with people who are often disregarded or ignored now centre stage.

Fifteen iconic British photographs were recreated. One of the images is the well-known Bullingdon Club photo, where the group are suited in white tie and tails. They also recreated the 1966 World Cup victory image, as well as The Beatles’ Abbey Road photograph.

The free photography exhibition has been open to the public since its unveiling in November this year. From 9 January – 29 February 2020 it will appear as part of a new exhibition entitled ‘The Making Of ICON‘, in the Ladder Gallery at the Old Fire Station, 40 George Street Oxford OX1 2AQ. Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm