Emmaus Oxford is delighted to launch our third and final film thanks to Stories For Change and the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

In this film, watch our Chief Executive, Eddie Blaze, explain how our community works and what it means to be an Emmaus companion:

The combination of the work and support that we provide to people gives them the skills to move on in their lives to independent living, but one of the biggest things people get out of being part of Emmaus is their change of status.

For many people, before they come into an Emmaus community they can have a very negative self-identity. They may see themselves as a homeless person, a drug addict, or a criminal. They have a very negative view of themselves and have identified with this negative stereotype.

When they enter Emmaus, there’s a very clear line in the sand that they then change. Their status is now as a companion and a lot of companions are very proud of this and proud to be part of Emmaus, which is not something you find in other homelessness services. People aren’t proud to be living in a hostel or supported housing project – often they will keep it secret and won’t want their family to know they are there. At Emmaus, it’s the opposite. They want people to know that they are a companion and part of Emmaus. You can view our first and second films created by Stories For Change to hear the stories of companion Shelly and Darren too.

There’s not many charities where as a donor you could directly meet one of the beneficiaries. So, when you visit the Emmaus Oxford store and you buy something, chances are the person serving you is going to be a companion. You’re going to be meeting one of the beneficiaries of Emmaus Oxford.

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