CLOSING DATE: 6 October 2021 LOCATION: 171 Oxford Road, Cowley, Oxford and other locations as required SALARY: £22,000 - £25,000 a year TYPE: Full time - 37.5 hours a week fixed term until 02/01/2023

Emmaus Oxford is seeking to expand the opportunities we provide and increase the number of people entering training, education and employment and this role will play a key role in that process. Although this is a grant funded fixed term role there is a possibility the role with be extended and expanded in the future.

The main duties include:

  • Assessing the Companion’s independence skills (e.g., budgeting, banking, cooking, shopping, ability to access support etc.) and arranging any training/help as needed.
  • Helping Companions to secure jobs by supporting them in looking for employment, writing CVs, making applications, being interviewed etc. • Cultivating and liaising with prospective employers.
  • Supporting people who have started working outside the Community.
  • Liaising with the housing department about housing, housing benefit and other matters.
  • Liaising with probation and other support services as appropriate.
  • Building up a resource of benevolent landlords and letting agents.
  • Where appropriate, helping to facilitate family reconciliation.
  • Making a relationship with Companions before they leave that can be sustained during the leaving process and after it.
  • Helping with the practicalities of the actual move (services, decoration, removal, paying rent, deposits etc.)
  • Helping those who are suspended or banned from Emmaus Oxford to find alternative housing as an emergency, if possible and necessary.
  • Staying in touch with, recording and keeping track of what happens to Companions once they leave.
  • Preparing reports for the CEO, trustees, and funders.

Other Aspects of the role:

Social Enterprise [our store and shop]

  • Liaising with the Store Manager to assess the skills and training needs of Companions with a view to encouraging them to develop skills that enable greater independence and possible future employment.
  • Helping to ensure effective communication between our different locations.
  • Supporting and motivating Companions to effectively undertake their work and develop their capacities.


  • Keep accurate, up to date records of 1-2-1 sessions with Companions.
  • Keep careful track of the progress of the Companions that are being worked with. Recording outcomes and measuring success against these.

External Relations

  • Liaise with other relevant outside agencies and involving them where appropriate.
  • Liaise with and form links with local authorities, landlords etc. in relation to move on opportunities.
  • Support resettled companions by sign posting them to relevant support services and assessing any other support they may need in order to sustain tenancies.

Other Duties

  • Perform any other tasks or duties deemed necessary by the Community Leader and appropriate to the role and level of the post.

How to apply

Please carefully read the job advert, job profile and person specification (downloads below).

If you would like to apply, please complete the Application form, and send this to: We would prefer applications by email if possible and will conduct all correspondence by email unless you request otherwise. If you experience difficulties downloading the appropriate documents do call us and we will arrange for them to be emailed to you or sent by ordinary post.


You may also if you wish, complete, and send the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form to us. This is anonymous, entirely voluntary and does not form part of the assessment process.

Please allow time for your application to reach us. We will acknowledge receipt of your application as soon as we can and within 3 working days. If you do not receive acknowledgement in this period, please confirm verbally that your application has arrived by ringing Steve James on 01865 402073.

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 6 October 2021 at 9am

Short-listed candidates will be informed as soon as possible and will be assessed by interview shortly after shortlisting is completed – this could be at any point in the working day.

Please make sure you are available to participate in this process if you are selected.

Short-listed candidates will be advised of the precise times or any changes of dates as soon as they are known. Dependant on numbers of applicants we may not be able to inform applicants that they have not been shortlisted.

We will attempt to do real world interviews, but video interviews may be used if circumstances dictate. The format for interviews will be advised at the time of arranging them.

It is important that you understand that the assessment process is two way – you will be deciding if Emmaus Oxford is right for you, as well as the other way around. We may need to re-advertise, vary, or extend the process at any point as it is very important to us to recruit the right person.

Application pack