Whilst our store was closed we looked for ways to stay active and useful.

A team of companions and staff have been running a special project to deliver essential household items to people in self-isolation across Oxfordshire. If you saw our vans and companions out and about, this is what we’ve been doing. We helped 25 vulnerable households to stay home and stay safe between March and June 2020.

We’re not stopping there. Next we are hoping to partner with other local homelessness charities to give homeless people moving out of hotels all the essential furniture they need to settle into a new home. It’s our hope that we can be part of a new start for people were rough sleeping or sofa surfing before COVID-19.

It has been amazing to watch rough sleepers be given somewhere to stay during lockdown. We want to help make this moment one of lasting change for homeless people in Oxford. Keep an eye on our website for more details on this project and how you can help.