I joined Emmaus Preston as a volunteer in 2015 after going there on a Learn Direct placement. I enjoyed it and got to know everyone. A few years later I joined as a companion.

My partner died in 2015 and after that I was struggling to look after myself. I wasn’t eating very well because my partner used to cook for me. He looked after the bills as well. After he died it was only me and my cats. The flat was damp and mouldy. I tried my best but on my own it was not a good place to live. People kept coming to my door causing me more upset.

Emmaus was my support

I couldn’t stay in my flat any more so I moved to Emmaus Preston as a companion in 2018. Karen (Community Leader) helped me move and rehouse my cats. I already knew everyone so it was nice to move in. I feel safe here.

In the day I like doing the cleaning and helping out in the kitchen. I help to cook food for the community and make everyone sandwiches for lunch. I work at the house and also at the shops. At the Megastore I enjoy sorting clothes and shoes most.

Whilst I’ve been at Emmaus I’ve done different courses. I got a City & Guilds certificate and done a warehousing course, customer service training and mental health awareness course at college.

Mandy in the kitchen

Part of a community

Emmaus is a good thing. The lads make me laugh and look after me. I’ve got support here. I lost my mum last year and my uncle has got terminal cancer. People have supported me and it’s good to have that help. As well as companions, I love Karen and the staff at Emmaus. They’re good to me.

I try to get on with everyone. You’ve got to try and get on with people in life. I like doing the community activities like the bingo night and treasure hunt. I’m going to stay at Emmaus a little bit more. After that I want my own place with a bit of support. I’ll still help out at Emmaus though.

I want to give a good thank you to everyone who helps us out. Lots of people support Emmaus. The shop around the corner gives us bread and food. People give us things to sell in our charity shops. They all really help us out.