Since Emmaus was first founded in France in 1949, Emmaus groups around the world have been working to address the causes of poverty and social exclusion and to campaign for a more socially and economically just world. At Emmaus UK, we believe that working together with organisations that share our ethos is the best way to achieve these goals. That’s why we have joined forces with other organisations to campaign for a more inclusive, sustainable and equal society following the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you to join us in supporting these campaigns and let your voice be heard.

Build Back Better

#BuildBackBetter is campaigning for a greener and more socially just recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The campaign calls for investment in public services, actions to tackle inequality and a recovery plan that prioritises environmental sustainability.

Never more needed

The #NeverMoreNeeded campaign highlights the essential role of charities in supporting local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many charities have faced a steep drop in income, just at the time when the need for their help is at its greatest. Never More Needed is campaigning for greater financial support from the government for charities who are struggling as a result of COVID-19.

Connection Coalition

The #ConnectionCoalition campaign was founded in response to the COVID-19 crisis and aims to build a better future for everyone by building strong relationships and kinder, better-connected communities. Our experience of recent months has shown that reciprocal relationships build solidarity belonging what does this mean?. The Connection Coalition aims to find ways to build stronger social connections during this time of social distancing and to use these relationships to build a better future.

Lift the Ban

At present, people who are seeking refugee status in the UK are banned from working whilst they wait for months, or sometimes years, for a decision on their asylum claim.  They are forced to support their families on £5.66 per day and are unable to make use of the skills and experience that they bring with them. #LiftTheBan aims to grant people seeking asylum the right to work while they await the outcome of their claim.

Ride Out Recession Alliance (RORA)

The #RORA campaign, founded by The Big Issue, aims to help people to remain in employment during the COVID-19 crisis and to prevent the pandemic from causing a new wave of homelessness.

Gift Aid Emergency Relief Campaign

Many charities are facing a steep fall in income at the same time as demand for their help is growing steeply. #GiftAidRelief is campaigning for a two-year Gift Aid Emergency Relief package to increase Gift Aid from 20% to 25% and extend the Small Donation scheme to many more charities.

Stop Asylum Evictions

#StopAsylumEvictions opposes the Home Office’s decision to resume evictions from asylum accommodation for people with a negative asylum decision in England.